DIY Art Kit - Monarch Butterfly Art - Art Kit Instructions

DIY Monarch Butterfly Art Kit

A sustainable DIY art kit inspired by the monarch butterfly. Available as a completed piece as well. Tag me on Instagram @leslieespinoart with your finished artwork!

Sustainability information: materials in this kit were purchased new. The paper is FSC-certified and packaging is recycled. I'm working to source materials for these kits secondhand, but have not identified a source yet. 

The instructions can be watched as one video or broken into the part below: 

Materials in the kit

Painting Layer 1

Painting Layer 2



Painting Layer 3

Layer three makes the best before and after photo, if you're into that! It's the goofiest layer.


Gluing your butterfly art together



Framing your butterfly art



 Tag me on Instagram @leslieespinoart with your finished artwork!