DIY Art Kit - Texas Wildflower Art Instructions

Texas Wildflower DIY Art Kit

A sustainable DIY art kit inspired by the wildflowers and pollinators of Texas, like the monarch butterfly.
This kit was created to highlight the connections between us, our environment, pollinators and native plants. 
Pollinators like the monarch butterfly keep the native plants of Texas alive, and these native plants help preserve biodiversity in our environment. 
To make this kit as sustainably as possible, the kit uses materials from secondhand sources. The colors in your kit may vary slightly, but they will still have that same retro vibe. This means the artwork you create from the Texas Wildflower DIY Art Kit will be an original artwork.
Want to skip the DIY and go straight to wall art? Completed Texas pieces are available here.

Part 1: Start by stitching the fiber grass. 

The fiber grass is embroidered onto a small paper card with pre-cut holes. Embroider a Turkey Rug Stitch across the rows. In a later step, you will trim the yarn, but I suggest trimming later in Part 5.  

Part 2: Embroider the Gregg's Mistflower 

The blooms of the Gregg's Mistflower are embroidered onto the blue paper landmass by making 2-3 knots in each of the pre-cut holes. To keep your embroidered blooms fluffy and round, don't pull these knots too tightly. 

Part 3: Create the leaves for the Gregg's Mistflower

Part 4: Place and glue the remaining plants*

*Note about glue: I switched to glue that used less plastic so your glue dots may look like this instead: 

Part 5: Assemble the layers and frame your artwork*

*Note: I switched to foam adhesive that uses less plastic so your foam adhesive may look like this: