DIY Art Kit: Tit Kit
DIY Art Kit: Tit Kit

DIY Art Kit: Tit Kit

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A DIY art kit inspired by the boobies in Picasso's 1967 painting "Female Nude with Man's Head." These kits include all materials (including the frame) needed to make your own original piece of art. 

The fiber is sourced sustainably from reuse shops, so there may be slight color variations making your final artwork completely unique. The overall color scheme will still be the same. The paper is FSC certified and the packaging is recycled (except for the box label, which is new).

What's included:

- Pre-cut paper

- 8x10 inch frame

- Instructions

- Practice paper to stitch on

- Embroidery needle and yarn

Ships for free.


also available as a completed boob job in different colors